VIBRE - Realtà Virtuale e BCI per la riabilitazione motoria

Virtual Brain Experience

Brain Computer Interface and Virtual Reality together into an innovative instrument for rehabilitation of patients with upper limb impairments, caused by neurological deseases.

This is VIBRE: imagine, move, perceive.

Stroke in Europe

Neurological Deseases

The incidence of  neurological deseases in Europe will increase by 34% within 2035. Every year 1,5 million strokes occur, 200.000 in Italy.

``Time is Brain``

Brain’s capability to repair to a damage, called neuronal plasticity, shows a peak during the 4 months following the pathology, then it fastly decrease.

Plasticity Exploitation

Current therapies cannot exploit this period of time to the best, hence they are inefficient and ineffective.

VIBRE Technology


BCI is an advanced control system based on brain signals elaboration. The patient will mentally simulate a specific movement and will see a virtual reproduction of it, thanks to EEG’s elaboration algorithms.

Virtual Reality

Our environment’s hyperrealism creates a condition of total engagement. It generates a strong stimulation of neuronal plasticity and a 20% faster neuromotor rehabilitation.


Thanks to haptic, acoustic and visual biofeedback, the patient can monitor its improvements, increasing the engagement and causing a greater therapy efficacy.

Why should you use VIBRE?

Minimum Obstruction

Considering the utilization context, it is fundamental to use an instrument with minimum obstruction for patient’s rehabilitation. Thanks to our innovative EEG wireless acquisition system, we can reduce at minimum our device size and weight, so that it can be used immediately after pathological event.

Patient's Engagement

Patient’s engagement and involvement are fundamental to obtain an effective therapy. Hyperrealism, reduced control system’s lag time and biofeedback utilization, make VIBRE’s therapy efficient and effective.

More Effective Therapy

Virtual Reality utilization produces a 20% faster recovery, compared to classical therapies. With BCI integration we will obtain better results in even shorter time.

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VIBRE combines an hyperrealistic virtual environment and an advancede control system, based on brain signal elaboration, with the purpose of stimulating neuronal plasticity and neuromotor recovery.

VIBRE - Realtà Virtuale e BCI per la riabilitazione motoria

VIBRE: Virtual Brain Experience.

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